Selasa, 08 Juli 2014

AdSense Ads Not Showing On HomePage - Problem Solved

AdSense Ads Not Showing On HomePage: It happens when you are new to Blogging and  AdSense world.The Problem is your AdSense ads will not be displayed on the home page of your blog or website.Actually it's not a big problem but you have to set your blog preferences.And that's all the secret behind fixing this Problem.

How To Fix This Problem

  • Go To Blogger Dashboard 
  • Click On Settings
  • Click On Preferences

  •  Now Just Scroll Down little below
  • You will see the below area called Meta Tags as shown
  • Now Enable Search Description (click on yes) and give a little description about your blog.
  • That's it
So What's Up : You may have search alot about this problem ,every one is explaining it in it's own way but the solution is here.Stay Blessed , Happy Blogging!