Kamis, 15 Mei 2014

Optimize Your Blog Search Ranking with Social Media

Optimize Your Blog Search Ranking with Social Media: SEO means (Search Engine optimization), these are a set of tactics that webmasters uses to crawl their  weblog/site.SEO is not the game of kids , it's not what you think you will get it but its what you Do with interest and getting the fruits in bundles. SEO is a very vast field.Its not the matter of days or weeks it’s the matter of years.And one more thing which is very frustrating i.e SEO is changing throughout the year.So you have to keep your self up-to date to the most popular SEO service providers like Single Grain and Quick-sprout and Search Engine Land.

Well , today we are going to talk about how you can get benefit from social media for better optimization   of your content.Site like Delicious, Share this, Pinterest, Digg etc allows you to share your link and these   sites have high PR( Page rank) which ranges from 4 to 7.And it is the most basic need of SEO to build   links back to your content but having one thing be kept in your mind the link should be relevant to your website.

Why To Optimize Blog with Social Media

This is quite obvious, the main tactic of getting a better rank for you keyword is to build relevant do-follow links back to your blog/content. Social media sites like Google+,StumbleUpon, Digg, Share this, Twitter,Facebook, Pinterest, and Delicious give you the ability to dig your link there as a result you get a do-follow link from their sites ,which enhance your rank for that specific keyword.And here also comes the game of linking , you will get alot of back-links from these ideal websites.As a result your website will dance in search engine.
  • One thing which is most important is Google+ , the Google+ is the main source these days for indexing your Blog/Websites post very quickly.Google+ will helps you to share your recently posted articles with your Friends in Circles and to any one who search for the specific topic you included in the article.
  • People will come to know about your website/blog
  • If they like they will surely share it with their friends
  • If it is helpful , you will be trusted and trust is every thing 
  • The more the People views your blog , the more you will get your blog in SERPs.
  • Your Blog will get alot of views and your blog will be on top of Search Engine
  • It will enables your Blog to be crawled by search engine
So What's Up : Just make an account on these social media sites digg you links enhance you ranking in search  results.However, you can bring your readers more closer to your content and they can also dig you links in these social media sites if you add a social sharing widget to your blog.So when readers read your   posts if they like it they just share your posts and you get more links pointing towards your content. 

Author : Haider Ali is a passionate Blogger from Swabi (K.P.K).He likes to write about Blogging tricks, tips, SEO, tech  and gaming.Currently he is working on his new Blog Bloggingdust. You Can catch him via Facebook.