Benefits of Hosting Giveaways On Your Blog

Benefits of Hosting Giveaways On Your Blog: You may have noticed that now-a-days bloggers are hosting giveaways on their blogs. If you thinking of why they are hosting these giveaways on their blogs then you are in the right place to know the secret of giveaways ;), because here in this post I will share my opinion that why they are hosting giveaways and what are the benefits of hosting giveaways on blogs.

Giveaway is the name of giving something free of cost to your readers and you know obviously, your blog’s readers will love and will welcome this giveaway. Actually, they will do something (social sharing, email subscription etc) for increasing their chances of winning and that will goes in your favor, right?

Of course, giveaways does matter, there are some benefits of hosting giveaways on your blog which we are going to discuss briefly in this post. In order to get most of the benefits from the giveaways, I think you need to choose a giveaway related to your blog’s niche. But here our topic is to discuss its benefits so we’re are not going broad. Look forward to benefits given below!

Benefits of Hosting Giveaways on Your Blog

So here what are the benefits we are talking about in this post? Is as written below. So let have a look!
  • Get Readers Attraction: Yes, hosting giveaways on your blog will get more attraction of the users, Users like these types of giveaways. They are attracted from the giveaways whenever they saw it on a social network, on your blog ore elsewhere.
  • More Email Subscribers: Yeah, hosting giveaways on your blog will make your one-time visitor to a return reader to your blog. You can make email subscription a mandatory step so when someone participate in the giveaway on your blog they will first subscribe to your email updates and you will get more email subscribers for your blog. And as a result, the participant will make a visit to your blog if he/she liked your new post!
  • Get More Social Signals: One another big benefit of hosting giveaway on your blog is to get social shares for your blog which will not only make your blog famous in very short of time but getting more social signals plays an important role in the eye of search engine optimization SEO. Participants will like, tweet and +1 your blog in order to get more points and you know everyone wants to get more chances to win and they will share your post for increasing their chances of winning. As I mentioned above, they will do for his own but indirectly, it will goes in your favour.
  • Increase Traffic to Your Blog: Hosting giveaways on blogs gives more attraction and gives more traffic in short of time. You know traffic is the soul of a blog. As we mentioned above that participants will share your blog on social profiles occupied by them, in return you not only get social signals but also you will get more traffic on your blog. So if their friends are attracted from the giveaway, they will come, participate and you know what? The process starts again
  • Get Your Blog into Clouds: Whenever someone participants and start sharing your blog, your blog will get famous on the web too, people will start talking about your blog and they will start discussing in their communities and groups etc with their friends that a blog gives a giveaway. On one hand they will increase their chances of winning but on the other hand you will get benefit of their sharing. The more your giveaway shared, the more people will talk about you and as a result, the more your blog will get famous.
So What's Up:We discussed few mind blowing benefits of hosting giveaways on your blog. If you know about any other benefit of hosting giveaways on the blog then let us know about it in the comment box below!.

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