Top 5 Android Apps For Better Communication

5 Android Apps For Better Communication:Mobile Phones with Voice Calls and Text Messages have just changed our life style.It brings you a person sitting in USA to Pakistan i.e via Chatting or Direct Calls etc.But One Problem which every users hate is , Balance in Phones , every One Can't afford that much.But as World is Young , many Genius have invented some awesome Smartphones which are in real too much smart . They just made the rule "Why To pay if you can Send free text and Can Call for free from Webs?"!! Isn't interesting , it is because of 21st Century , so you are warmly welcome here.Actually there are many Softwares , webs , tool via which you can send free text and can Call freely any where , But Android is ruling all of them .In this regards , we have collected the Top 5 Android Apps for better Communication.

Top 5 Android Apps For Better Communication 

 1) WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp is an awesome Messenger which allows you to Chat with your Friends and family free of Cast ! You Can Download it free from Our Blog , and Switch from SMS to WhatsApp , so that you can send and receive texts , videos , images and audios etc.Moreover WhatsApp never ask for Login / Logout , just send texts without logging in.

2) Facebook Messenger

How is the day without Facebook ? Isn't Boring ? Facebook is just like a Fridge , We Open it hourly so that may be there is something new , This is the Fact , I daily Open and update Cool Status , Don't You? If You are Facebook lover and want to update status , Upload Photos , Share Videos via this App.Yep this is Purely for Android.

3) Twitter 

Although Facebook is at the Top but Twitter is the daddy.Because Twitter was founded first , there are million of users who love twitter , so for that lovers , here is another interesting Android App which will enable you to follow a person , Update Twitter Status , and to Tweet something !


Skype is the ever best source to make calls with friends , Family and any other person in the distant world.Skype allows you to Send files to friend , make calls , and even record calls while conversation.Moreover Skype has awesome dashboard , i.e very easy to understand and use different tools.Here is an Android App for You , which is developed by Skype , According to sources and personal experience the Sound is more clear in Cell (App) instead of PC.

5) True Caller

Haters every Where !! Some time People tease you for No Reason , Oh What a Great Idea , because they have nothing to Do Without That . If You are also in same Problem , then you are at the right place to get rid of that shits.True Caller is an awesome Android App which will enables you to get rid of that kinda people ! But How? TrueCaller Allows you to Block any person you don't like to chat , call etc.It instantly informs you about the Caller info i.e Who he/she is? From Where He/She is? etc.