Top 5 Cool WordPress Plugins 2013

WordPress is a free Blogging Tool,WordPress is providing a huge amount of Plugins for their users,and it is extremely popular due to the availability of numerous plugins.Actually WordPress Provides alot of Plugins which can help you in increasing your Blog SEO(Search Engine Optimization),security,and other related functionality of WordPress Blogs.As in Blogger blogs the loading speed of blog get down by adding extra JavaScript widgets,likewise in WordPress installing many or extra Plugins to WordPress Blogs may down your Blog Loading Speed,and as a result you may lose your Blog Traffic.So be careful while installing any Plugin.However the Plugin we are going to Provide is simple and easy to install,these plugins will not effect your Blog Speed.
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Top 5 Cool WordPress Plugins 2013

If you are using WordPress and you don't have any one of the below Plugins installed,then you are forsaken by fortune,however these plugins are really awesome,you must install it in your WordPress Blog.The list of the Cool WordPress Plugins are Given below.

WP-Biographia Plugin For WordPress

Time to show your Biography to the audience of your Blog,this widget helps the Blogger to show his/her Information and Bio Data to the Visitors of Blog.Installing  Wp-Biographia will helps you to add a stylish and awesome author Bio box to every post and page of the blog.For installing this widget to your Blog Click the below green button.

Comment Notifier Plugin for WordPress

Whenever One leaves comment on your Blog Content,this Comment Notifier Plugin will Welcome him/her by sending a welcome Email.This is the best way to increase your Blog Traffic in a decent way.This Plugin Provides alot of option for customizing,you can customize it accordingly.You can set any text in welcoming your New Blog Commentor,Once you set the text then the Comment Notifier Plugin is responsible for sending the welcome email.

Captcha,Another WordPress Plugin

This Plugin is used when you have enabled the registration of users on your blog.The Question is Why when the registration is Enable?Because it installs modern Bots registers on your blog which automatically verify the email.For preventing the Spam registration,you surely need to install this Plugin in your Blog.So if you want to avoid spamming and if you are bore of spamming then must install this plugin on your Blog.

Broken Link Checker Plugin For WordPress

To err is human,some time we place a broken link mistakenly or something happens to the server of the link.These Broken links effect the SEO negatively and also this will made the readers unhappy.So if you want to avoid this issue,you must install this Plugin.Broken Link Checker Plugin Scan for Broken Links and where broken link is found it directly informs you.Then you can easily navigate the link and can modify it .

Exclude Pages Plugin for WordPress

Sometime due to personal issues or due to any solid reason we want to hide some pages from the navigation menu.Exclude Pages Plugin will helps you to hide any page you want.Actually this Plugin puts a check box in the sidebar of post section,now it provides you two options either you want to show the page in navigation menu or not,if yes it can be done just by single Click.

So What's Up:- These were Top 5 Cool WordPress Plugins 2013,now share your beautiful ideas with us about these Plugins.Tell us which One you Like the most?How was the article?WordPress is Best or Blogging? Do You Like Blogger Widgets or WordPress Plugins? Stay Blessed,Happy Blogging.
Top 5 Cool WordPress Plugins 2013
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