Google Adsense PIN - What To Do if Adsense Pin Not Received

One of the most awful problem in Google Adsense is reaching of Pin from Google Adsense Team.Actually Google send its Publishers a Personal Identification Number (PIN) which is enclosed in a small white envelop for the verification of his/her Postal Address.Google sends this Code (PIN) when you earning threshold reaches 10$ (Dollers),they inform you when they issue this PIN.Now the problem is how we can receive this PIN?Many Question Comes and we have faced it too many times?How much Time it takes to reach Adsense PIN? I am not receiving my Adsense PIN?My PIN has been issued but i haven't received it?All the Problems comes up with The Country i.e from where you are ? Are You Pakistani ? Are you Indian ? or any Asian Country?I don't know exact why Google Adsense hates these Countries? In Pakistan Our postal service is very poor,therefore one can't receives his/her PIN in time.Actually Google Adsense Team ensure you that you will receive your Adsense PIN in just 2-3 Weeks or Less then 2-3 days,it depends upon the postal service Of your Country.According to my Experience you can receive the Google Adsense Pin but if you provide the data in correct manner,this is what i did wrong 2 times and i haven't received my  Adsense PIN and atlast when i correct the Contact Details,within 15 days i received my Adsense Pin from Google Adsense Team.The sequence of Details was as under.

  • House No,Room No or any Organization,Office and School
  • Street Address (Clear and well known place)
  • Postal Code/Zip of Your Area (i.e Postal Code of Peshawar is 25000)
  • City Name
  • And Country 
Now if you have followed the above steps correctly,i can guarantee within 2 weeks you will receive your Adsense PIN.

Why Google Adsense Team Send PIN?

The aim of sending the Adsense PIN to Publishers is to ensure the publisher that he/she is really the resident of a specific country which One has enter in One's Google Adsense Account.And the 2nd most important aim is that to ensure the Publisher receives his/her Cheque of earnings which is sent by Standered mail.

What If i didn't Enter my Adsense PIN

Actually when you got the Google Adsense PIN,then Google Adsense Team allow you to enter the PIN Code which is 6 numbers code within 6 months and if you not enter your PIN within 6 months,Google Adsense Team will stop showing ads on your Blog/Website,now to get rid of this problem enter the PIN and by entering PIN the Payment Hold will be removed.Remember,don't enter the PIN wrongly i.e if you type your Code 3 times wrongly your Google Adsense Account will be disabled/suspended and then you will weep for a week :D,so always be attentive don't try to become a lazy bum :)

Adsense Pin still Not Received What to DO?

Now if you still haven't received the Adsense then follow the below steps to Remove Payment On Hold from Adsense Account.
  • Go To Your Adsense Account
  • Click On Payment Option
  • Now You will see an Option at that Page i.e Request for new PIN Code,Just Click On That and request for new One
  • Now wait for 3 weeks,and again request for the PIN.
  • Now time to get rid of " On Hold ",this time after 3 weeks i.e 21 days you will see another option at that page which will lead you to another page/forum which can easily help you to request the Adsense Team to verify your Address Manually.
  • Click On that Link,it will redirect you to a form where you have to enter your Publisher ID,name and other information.
  • But the most important they will ask you about to provide a Scanned Copy of your Government Issued Card or ID Card which contain the details of your residence.You must provide an ID in which the detail about the Adreess matches with the Adsense Contact Address.
  • Now when you upload the ID
  • Google Team will email you in 5 minutes and will inform you that "Congratulations ! You will never have to enter the PIN in future,Adsense Account Payment Hold is removed Regards Adsense Team."
  • And that's it :)
So What's Up:- How was the Trick?Is not it easy?This is the best way to receive Adsense PIN from Adsense Team,Once they removed the On Hold from your Account,then enjoy you will never have to enter the PIN in future.