Google Adsense High Paying Keywords 2013

You may have noticed that Adsense now-a-days is paying very low money by One Click,usually it is .10$ to .20$.The main reason is that we are not using Keywords in our Blogs Articles.Actually the Adsense CPC (Cost Per Click) depends upon the Blog Niche(i.e what the blog is about) and the related high paying keywords.Now Time to increase AdSense Revenue.The secret of boosting AdSense Earning is High Paying Keywords,actually these keywords helps you to increase your Adsense CPC(Cost Per Click).As a result of increasing CPC(Cost per Click) you will get a huge amount of money from One Click On Google Ads.Actually sometime Google Ads Cost became to high i.e may be up-to 5$ per Click.The Secret behind these earning is high paying keywords,so in this regard we have collected some Google Adsense high Paying Keyword,which will certainly increase your AdSense Daily Earning.

How Does Keywords increase Adsense Earning?

As i mentioned that AdSense Earning Depends upon the blog/website niche and high paying related keywords which we use in blog articles.Now if your Blog Articles contain any of the following High Paying Keyword,then surely you can boost your AdSense Earning.Therefore don,t waste your time and start using the below keywords in blog posts and enjoy earning alot of money.

Google Adsense High Paying Keywords 2013

There are many new bloggers who takes month or years to cashout his/her first AdSense Cheque of 100$,the reason is their AdSense CPC is low and as a result they face alot of Problems.Therefore we are providing a huge list of Google Adsense high paying Keyword,i can guarantee you,if you used these keywords,you can earn alot of money.
Keywords                                              CPC(Cost Per Click)

Data Recovery Raid                            93.22$
Personal Injury Lawyer                            66.53$
Car Insurance Quotes                            61.03$
Asbestos lung cancer                            35.96$
Injury lawyers                                            66.79$
Mesothelioma Law Firm                    169.01$
Sell annuity Payment                            127.46$
Structured Annuity Settlement            100.8$
Annuity Settlements                            100.72$
Virtual Data Rooms                              83.18$
Automobile Accident Attorney             76.57$
Auto accident Attorney                             75.64$
Car Accident lawyers                             75.17$
Personal injury law firm                             40.56$
Online Criminal Justice Degree                61.4$
Car insurance Companies                       53.66$
Business voip Solutions                        59.9$
These were some high paying keywords,which will surely help you to increase your AdSense Earning.However we will also share a Top 5 List of High Paying Keywords,which are chosen keywords.

Top 5 Google Adsense High Paying Keywords 2013

  1.  Insurance $55.91
  2. Mortgage $48.12
  3. Gas/Electricity $53.62
  4. Claim $46.21
  5. Attorney $47.17
The above five mentioned keywords are the most High Paying Keywords.But remember don,t use keywords which are not related to the blog Niche,however you can use the Keywords which are realted to your Blog/Website Niche,that will surely help you to boost AdSense Earning.

So What's Up:- Increase Adsense Earning by using these Keywords,but don,t use these keywords with the irrelevant blog niche.Share your views with us,Stay Blessed and Happy Blogging.