How To Disable Copying Contents in Blogger and WordPress

Now-a-days its a very bad trend of Copying Contents , actually newbies do this action.New Bloggers think that by copying contents of another Popular blog we will get fame and high rank, but they are actually doing it wrong and all in vain.There is no benefit of copying content from another blog,even if someone reported your blog/website to DMCA for copying Contents they will surely remove/disable your website/blog or Blogger will mark it as spam Blog. Now it makes problem for original blogger also , so for this purpose we have to protect our blog contents , now i will share a JavaScript Code with you through which you can easily protect your Blog/website content from being copying.By Applying this trick no one can steal/copy your blog text , images and logos etc.

JavaScript Code is Available here you can get it from the link below

How To Disable Copying Contents in Blogger

  1. First of All go to Blogger dashboard 
  2. Then Click On Template Tab
  3. Now Click On Add a Widget/Gadget
  4. Select HTML/JavaScript
  5. Now a Box will pops-up , then paste the above Copied Script in this Box
  6. Now Just Save it and you Protected your Contents , now Copy-Cat will run from your blog.

How To Disable Copying Contents in WordPress

  1. For WP Go to WordPress Dashboard
  2. After that Click On Appearance
  3. Then Widget 
  4. Now Add a New text Widget
  5. Now Paste the Above Copied Script/Code here
  6. And That's it .
This Trick will surely help you to run the Copy Cats from Your Blog/Websites , and this trick is commonly working with all type of Browsers.