Sanur Beach

Sanur Beach is located in the village of Sanur Kaja Street, South Denpasar Bali, it is also offers a variety of water sports, from playing cano, snorkeling, and many others. Not only water sports are a plus beach, but the beach area which can be used as an alternative to jogging or cycling.

Sanur beach and sunrise are two things that are difficult to separate. This place is has long been known as the most beautiful to watch the sunrise in Bali. Many travelers who take advantage of his time in the morning for a jog or cycling in the region. The track stretches towards the south through a series of Sanur Beach, the Sindhu Beach, the Karang Beach, to Semawang Beach. 

On the left side, you can enjoy the wide beaches, bright clouds, and birds flying. Then on the right side will look berebagai resort, swimming pools, cafes, and restaurants are almost all filled by foreign tourists.
Sanur Beach Bali Indonesia

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