What Seperates MoreNiche From Other Affiliate Companies

MoreNiche LTD

MoreNiche is truly completely unique in the business of affiliate marketing.

The things that make them unique are GOOD things as well. Some sites try to get all creative and end up failing and adding useless content. This is certainly not the case with MoreNiche.

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One of my favorite things about MN is their lifetime cookie tracking. When you're shopping for products online, do you impulsively purchase a product the first time viewing their page? I hope not. Other websites usually only have 15-30 day cookie tracking. MN is FOREVER. Which is one of the things that make MN superior.

Another unique aspect that makes MoreNiche the best is their support forum. The actual owners of all the products to promote are active posters, as well as the people that run MN. You can have One-One conversations with them, show them your site, and they will give you the best advise possible. The members will also do the same. Everybody their wants you to succeed, truly, and will do everything that they can to allow you to succeed. You can learn more from their forum than any e-book, audiobook, or video will teach you.

One more thing (I could go on forever), is their "Hub Site Technology". From their site (they can explain it better than me):

"With our advanced hub technology we group merchant sites into different "hubs" or "niches", if you send traffic to any site within the same hub, surfers can purchase from other sites and you still get credit."

So if you send someone to one of their weight loss merchants for example, then the consumer purchases another weight loss product that is also a MoreNiche merchant you get credit for that purchase. That is truly mind blowing for me.

MoreNiche is without a doubt a Niche affiliate marketing program in itself, and if you compare them with any other program, I think you will clearly see that MN is your best choice if you want to succeed in affiliate marketing.

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