8 Tips For Creating Dynamic Blog Post Title To Ignite Twitter Retweet

Twitter is about making the world smaller generating efficient communication within the 140 characters at a time. Generally most of whom are live on Twitter are either in their workplaces doing their duties or attending to other responsibilities while keeping an eye on twitter. So if you need to grab the attention of your busy followers your tweet should outshine and stand out and this is where the Dynamic Post Title comes in.

First important fact we have to understand is all what we tweet is not going to be read at the first instance, therefore retweets (RT) become important so that your tweets can reach a maximum audience as possible.

Sometimes followers could initiate RTs only by reading your post title in your tweet. Therefore it is vital to have a Dynamic Post Title which could set off RTs.

I use the following tips as my guide to create most of my post titles. Here are the Top 8 Tips For Creating  Dynamic Blog Post Titles To Ignite Twitter Retweets.

Personalize your Title: This is to include ‘you’ or ‘your’ in the post title. This will in fact help personalizing your post, and thereby can have a good impact.

Make it Educational: Indicate in your title that by reading the article the readers will obtain some sort of detail, idea or information.

Title with Question: Post titles with questions, for example starts with “How to”, “What is” or in other forms can get better response from readers.

Provide a Benefit: The title should inform the readers that they will receive free tool or something that will benefit them by reading your post.

Unique Title: Make your title unique which will be new to your readers.

Specify Numbers in Title: Have a numeric list or a specific number in your title. For example “8 Tips”, “5 elements”, “Top 10”, “Lose 10 pounds in 30 Days”, “7 Things”. This will indicate defined information or benefit to your readers and will be interested in reading your post and retweeting.

Make title Solid: Words such as “maybe”, “sometimes”, “somewhat”, “around” or words containing similar meaning can have a negative and passive effect with the readers. Therefore make your title short, strong and to the point.

Keep title Short: As you are aware Twitter has 140 character limitation hence you need to leave space for someone to retweet (RT) your tweet. So that to give credit to the retweeting person.

Here are some of my posts with titles made with above guide lines which got better retweets.

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One final note: The Headline you make is a commitment which has to be fulfilled as much as possible in the content that follows. This will consolidate your credibility amongst your readers.

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