How Often Should You Post a Blog?

This is always been an issue among bloggers to determine how often to post on their blogs to bring in new readers and achieve success. Here are some factors which could determine post frequency.

Part-timer vs Full-timer

I think this is an essential fact. Daily and frequently posting for a full-time blogger will be like a duty, whereas for a part-timer it would be almost impossible to post daily and maintain this with other responsibilities.

Beginner vs Professional

Some bloggers out there just post once a week and are remarkably successful. But when we analyze their background they are either popular personalities or veteran bloggers who have thousands of posts behind them. Therefore it is not feasible for a beginner to receive the same kind of success posting only once a week. It is always best to start slow and have a long term strategy.

Quality vs Quantity

If a blogger wants to achieve any success, quality of his post should not be compromised for quantity. For example just imagine if a part-time blogger decides to post daily without any basic knowledge and research about his post subject, and what do you think the result will be? Therefore all elements should be considered and there has to be a good balance when we decide the quality and quantity of posts.

Post Length

Length of your posts can also determine how many posts you could post on your blog in a week. Multiple short posts could be created in the time of one larger one. Basically readers prefer to read short posts and obtain maximum information. Time is precious. Taking this fact to consideration in this blog –Blogger Blogging Tips many posts are short or medium ones.


Blogs which have daily posts are bound to receive more traffic via Search Engines, RSS, bookmarks and other sources.

Blog Topic

Blog Topic is another factor that how often posts should be maintained. For example if you are running a "Tech" news blog then daily and frequent posting is necessary in order to keep your readers up to date. On the other hand for blog topic with “Personal Development” it is not a must to post daily as the topic don’t have link to time.