6 tips to manage time for effective blog writing

Finding quality time to focus and update blogs amongst other important daily priorities in life is an issue for majority of the bloggers.

Setting the goals and prioritizing the things to do daily is vital to manage the time. This process would optimize the time for effective blog writing.

Following are six simple tips to manage and optimize the time.

1. Track The Time

You have to focus on which activities you are spending time on and how much.

Most of us find we function at different levels of effectiveness at different times of the day as our energy levels fluctuate.

How long do we spend each day on unproductive things that don't really contribute to our success? Do we really know how much time we spend reading junk mail, talking to others, chatting on net, watching TV, etc?
How often have you thought, "I could achieve more to contribute to my success if I just had another half hour each day."

Memory is a very poor guide when it comes to keeping record, as it can be too easy to forget time spent on non-core tasks.

Filling out an “Activity Log” could help to analyze how you actually spend your time.

Download this Activity Log, print out a copy for each day of the week and start tracking your time.

2. Set Goals & Priorities

It is essential to set the goals and prioritize the things to do, hence you will not be missing out on your other important responsibilities. This will provide a tranquil & healthy mind to achieve your blogging ambitions.

Your priorities can be reevaluated based on responsibilities, time constraints, on the potential profitability or benefit of the task you are facing or on the pressure you're under to complete a task.

3. Find The Time which is Productive

Identify when you can write. Some bloggers choose morning hours while others are comfortable with the evening or night hours. Therefore you have to specify the time where you could concentrate more and be effective.

Remember one hour of quality time would be sufficient to achieve your daily target of blog writing, rather than three hours of time where you have loads of distraction.

4. Set a realistic target

This is the most important rule. Expecting yourself to post frequently or every day could compromise quality for quantity, it's probably also going to make you feel like you are failing. Target of 2 - 3 high quality posts per week and keeping it consistent would be good, but it is depending on your aspirations…

5. Stay Focused on Writing

Once you find the quality time zone and input your best efforts, you could get dragged out of the writing due to distraction and disturbance.

To prevent this, you need a plan to free your mind. Here are some ideas such as shutting down your email, turn off your television, turn off your phones, shut down the Internet.

6. Be passionate and proactive

You must be disciplined and shift your focus from passive viewing into active working.

Spending more time surfing the internet and watching TV than working on the blogs, at the end of another day we have nothing to show for.

You need to be actively involved and be proactive in your passion of blog writing.

These six tips are just the beginning…

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