12 Tips for writing great blog post that people share

successful Blogs are written by the people who are passionate about their subject matter. Blog posts which are useful, effective and sharable can bring you more traffic and links. Here are my top 12 blog writing tips.

1. Brainstorming and outlining.

Brainstorming is a process for generating new ideas. You can write or type all the ideas and points that you can think of relating to your specific area of interest, and thereby you can create an efficient outline for your post before proceeding to create the final post itself.

2. Dynamic post title

A clear and dynamic title can be a major factor for the post being read, shared and spread like a virus through the web. Create a title that is eye-catching. Also include keywords you are targeting or people are searching related to the topics that your blog cover.

3. Be short but effective

Make your post short but good. Provide your readers with maximum amount of information with the least amount of words. Ideally 250 words would do.

4. Be passionate

Do not write for the sake of writing. Write from your heart. Study other famous blogs, do some research and educate yourself enough about your topic. Writing a post with passion can actually overcome other negative elements.

5. Useful for the reader

Put yourself in another person’s shoes and think. Will the post contents be really useful for you, if you are the reader? A post will never become popular unless it is useful and fulfills a need. The more your post helps people, the better it will do.

6. Begin with clear subject

Blog is a tool to communicate from a person to another. Therefore begin your post with explaining your post subject clearly using the least amount of words possible.

7. Keep things simple and scanning easy

Make sentences and headlines short and to the point. Provide the information your readers are looking for and that they will find valuable. Every few paragraphs insert a sub heading which makes your content easy to scan because it breaks it into smaller pieces with clear headlines for each section.

8. Outbound links

Support your post with links to other web pages that are relevant to your post. Connect and this may result in interconnection with other blogs.

9. Keywords key for success

Keywords that you use in your post title, subtitle and in other areas in the post is vital for the search engines to find your post.

10. Recheck and edit

Read and recheck your post, you may find many areas that need to be edited before you hit the submit button. Re-read your post and polish it before you send it out to your readers.

11. Look to the future

Get ideas from all over but be genuine with your posts. The most important thing is to keep writing. If you write with passion and conviction, you’ll be able to connect with other people, and your writing will improve every time you post.

12. Refine your old posts

Your blog writing will improve with time as you gain experience. As you become a better writer, go back over your original posts and clean them up. In result of improving the post, it may breathe new life and bring you increased traffic.

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