How To Use Your PC Mouse

The Mouse is the device you will use for most of your interactions with your PC. It is primarily used to move the pointer arrow around the screen and to select and activate options.

The mouse buttons are used to interact with whatever is on the screen where the pointer is located. The left mouse button is the one you will use most often. Clicking this tells the PC to select an item and is called 'left-clicking'. To activate an item and use it, you will often need to click the button twice or 'double-click'.

If you click and hold the left button and move the mouse, this has the effect of 'dragging' a selected object about the screen until you release the button.

Left-clicking on text in a document will place a flashing cursor at that point, which allows you to begin typing there.

The right mouse button is usually used to bring up a small menu window that gives options specific to the selected object. To use a particular option you just left-click it.Common right-click menu options for an object include: Open (activate, same as if you double-click), Cut (remove to be placed elsewhere), Copy (make a copy of this object) , Create Shortcut (create a shortcut link elsewhere to give quick access to this object), Delete (remove permanently), Rename (give a new name), and Properties (find out information).

You may have a third smaller button in the center of your mouse that can be rolled forwards and backwards. This mouse-wheel can be used to move up and down through documents.